Short Story: According to the T-Register, MG TA 1859 was built on October 27, 1937. She was registered first time in November 1937; the original British registration plate is AKG926. According to an engine plate the original engine (MPJG 2098) was replaced in the seventies by an official BMC replacement engine (XPAG c22981). Furthermore, since an unknown number of years, the exterior of the car is painted in a two-tone green colour combination. I do not know if one of the green’s was original in 1937.

In 2002 the car came from UK to the continent (Northern Germany). The former owner in Germany was experienced in restoration of several classic cars during the last 3 decades (e.g. BMW 501, Porsche 911). Since he is retired, he was able to spend about 1500 hours in detailed restoration and improvements. Prior to the import, he also invested about 7000 Euros for basic restoration work by a MG specialist in UK (new green leather interior, new side windows and leaf springs etc.)

The owner took also part at several events, for example at the traditional Hamburg Stadtpark-Rennen (City-Park-Race) in 2004 and achieved a third place in his class. Long ago – in the year 1938 – A. Wiswedel was the winner of this popular race also with an MG TA. In order to finalise his running Porsche 356 project right in time to enjoy it next spring on the road, he decided to sell TA 1859. Since my new MG is absolutely ready to run, I can accept a further break in my “never-ending” restoration of a 1967 californian Renault Caravelle Convertible (a basket buy with many missing parts).

I will be very thankful for any comment about the past life of TA 1859, since I know nearly nothing about her history.

Günther Spang