This is TC 6669/XPAG 7170. It belonged to my father, Erwin, Sr., in California. He was one of the original MG-ers in the US, owning a TC in about 1950, a couple of years before I was born. Then he had a TD when I was about four years old, but with two kids, he sold the TD and bought an Oldsmobile. In the early 60s, he got an MGA, which I remember clearly. Especially being so close to the road as the pavement rushed by. Family stuff intervened, and Dad didn't have another MG (TC 6669) until 1995, right after my mother, Joyce, died. He returned to his roots. Erwin became very active with the Long Beach MG Club, and got involved as a flagger and corner worker in sports car and vintage racing. He even worked the CART Long Beach Grand Prix for a few years. The TC is my third MG. I had bought an MGA for $350 when I was 19. I remember the oil pressure was very low, the clutch slipped, the aluminum doors sagged. After that, I got a four-year-old 1972 MGB. It was my daily driver, and I pretty much wore it out. My brother also had an MGA in there somewhere. Well, with Dad's passing in 2001, the TC is with me now. As of February, 2003, I've had the car for about 6 weeks and have rebuilt the steering and brakes, put on new tires and a 1/2-tonneau, and some other smaller but important cosmetic and mechanical improvements. The work is continuing. I hope to continue the Van Hook family MG tradition with my son, Alex, who at 10 years old, loves to go fast in the MG!

Greg Van Hook