Through the years I’ve restored several MG’s, To be specific : 3 MG-Bs, 2 MG-TDs, 1 MG-TF, 4 MGAs.

But then I noticed this beautiful MG TC which I saw on ebay, this TC didn’t need any treatment at all, because it was already perfect. 1948 TC (TC 5135, XPAG 5712). The owner of this beautiful TC was Dick Gronet, who has won many awards with this car. The Car was built Thursday the 31 th of March in 1948 and is registered by the British motor heritage trust.

It was professionally restored by Ed Browder (USA) who began the restoration in 2002 till November 2006. This was a “Total frame off” restoration. The Chassis and all the engine parts have been “magna fluxed”. The chassis and suspension parts have been powder coated. The engine and transmission are original (all numbers match) The engine was fitted with a Shorrock supercharger. Drum brakes are brand new aluminium Alfin. The outside colour is “Regency Red” and the interior is tan. I have made many miles with the TC, she was driving perfectly, and the strength of super charger is almost more than fantastic. I always wanted to have a trio, now I’ve got it, my nice trio of MG's an MG-TC MG-TF and an MG-A.

Hielke Helmus