before and after weldung -- now still to grind


My TC came from a Belgian collector, who passed away, the executor of his estate came across a barn in with there was a MG-TC that had not seen daylight for over 30 years. The TC was sold to “IMPARTS”, a Dutch dealer of renown, who challenged me to have a go at this project.

I bought the TC in February 2003 and begun with the deconstruction and making plenty snapshots of every detail. The body had minor wood rot in the lower B posts and where the running board bolts go trough. The chassis was perfectly strait, some outriggers where cracked, but it was all solid metal.

Originally she was black with a green interior; she was crudely painted over in red, witch I have taken of completely. The engine had a very bad freeze crack, from plug hole to plug hole in the side gallery, that I have welded myself with cast iron electrodes. The bare block was pressure tested, and it proved oké,

The engine is fitted with new pistons, bearings, camshaft, gears, chain, lifters, valves, guides, Moss oil seals and runs like the proverbial sewing machine.

The rebuild is progressing steadily and I guess, coming springtime or summer she will show shiny body in Sequoia Cream paint and Shire green interior.

Hans Meeder