Something about my car. It is an TC from 1948, color green, chassisnr. 6396 motor nr 6881. I still have a lot of documentation of my car. So I have an orginal military registration card. The first owner named on it is captain William W Crimmel who was an RAF captain in Bentwaters Suffold England. Later the car was exported to America as so much TC,s. In America the car belonged to Horacio Salgado 411 S Madison 103 Pasadena. Salgado restored the car. I have a map full of bills boughten materials etc. Very ineresting. I have tried to contact to Salgado but it did not succeed. Maybe he has got another address in the States. Does somebody know him? I bought the TC in 1999 in Holland from an importeur. The car is still in good condition and I often drive in it with my wife. I am member of the Dutch MG Car Club and often make tours with other members of the club. So now I will try to complete the story with a photo.

Harry and Mini Siegers from Holland