TC0721 was purchased in 1996 as a restoration project. It was last registered in 1966 and spent the next 30 years in a shed awaiting restoration in pieces. Because my work took me overseas for several years the car had to wait until 1999 before commencement of her full restoration which took 8 years. No stone was left unturned, every nut, bolt, spring, washer was either restored or replaced. The car now has 2000 miles up and the motor is run in and she is going like a gem.

It has the original steering-box with rebuilt tie-rod ends and on 19" wheels, drives very well with no wandering. We also have a set of 16" wheels which makes it even nicer to drive when touring.

The car was rolled in an earlier life with the owner talking about sparks coming from around the radiator shell, we only found this out after we rebuilt her and it just explains why it took so long to get the bonnets to fit. We have decided to call her "TRAUMA & CASH" because it caused a lot of trauma and took a lot of cash, but she finally made it and is now enjoying a new lease of life in the Blue Mountains of Sydney Australia. Our other MG is an MGB GTV8 which with the TC is a great combination.

For anyone reading this, if your ever down under and would like some MG hospitality, drop us an email and we'll try to hook up with you. Email address as follows:

Julian Beville-Anderson