My sons have named him Henry and he was brought to the States in the late 1960's. His previous owners in England resided in the vicinity of Stourbridge according to my papers and since the early 70's he's been in Kansas City, Missouri and now with me across the state line in Overland Park, Kansas. Most of the car is in amazingly good original condition including the very aged seats, although he must have been repainted in Clipper Blue in the late 40's I think. My intent is to keep the car in as original condition as possible (like the patina on any other antique). He drives like a real car should drive and I've been able to maintain him (motor mounts, exhaust system, fuel pump, tuning up, etc.) by myself and not with the now required sophisticated computer diagnostic systems and PhD in Applied Mechanics that one has to have for any other car built in the past several decades.

John Boles