Jim and Sally Carroll´s TC



Wings and colour dilemna: My husband always had a preference for a red leather interior and he painted the undersides of the wings RED rustoleum. . . .far from spoiling it, it made a really smart contrast.



  My YB took a first in class (they had put all the T's into one grouping by date) Therefore XPAG = T type at this British car day at Shaker Square.
Next year I will only be allowed in the 'Premiere Class' because of this first in class. We have an assortment of other firsts from other years and events to enter. . .maybe we will be allowed to park the collection together for once.
I set the scene with a bright pink straw hat and lap rob and white gloves . My daughter and I had a picnic of cucumber sandwiches and cheeses and crackers and a bottle of pink bubbly in crystal all on a linen cloth with a vase of roses. The pink petunias in the flower bed were pure coincidence. The old lady with the old English car will be at shows for a long time to come. Have a serious oil leak to address. . .but she runs fine.





Jim Carroll, my lifelong sweetheart died suddenly June 19th 2000. I think most of the members are aware that I am now struggling with his absence and the 9 automobiles in my charge. I have been using the group for resources and advice all along. My local clubs help some too. MG's have become my family. . . . .


Recent thread discussion of TD with fibreglas hardtop. From old photo. . .that's me performing the car wash after a ralley.