A short Bio: In 1960, Jim and Norma Crandall purchaced their first MG, a '48 TC, and promptly joined the TC Motoring Guild, the oldest single-model MG club in California and quite possibly in the entire U.S. During their long association with this club which, incidentally, had its first meeting at the old, Glendale Road & Track office in 1954, the Crandalls have also owned an MGA and an MGB, but still tour regularly in their restored 1949/50 TC. Recent events have included not only local rallys, but also several GoF Wests and two unforgettable overseas rallys in '92 and '98, during which up to a dozen Guild members shipped their TCs to Great Britain and enjoyed three weeks of nearly perfect TC touring with local MGCC and MGOC members. Any TC owners who reside in Southern California (or any place else for that matter) who think they might be interested in joining the TCMG are invited to contact Jim Crandall at "jcrandall@vcnet.com" for more information.