I'm returning to TC motoring after an absence of about 40 years! I first owned a TC back in the 1960s as a teenager in Adelaide, Australia and competed in many events in the MG Car Club, including dirt circuits, sprints, rallies and trials. That TC is now a concours car and resides in Melbourne . I sold it to finance my world wanderings during which time I got involved with Morgans and the TC shares the garage with a Plus 4. The "new" TC is chassis no. 6178, engine no.XPAG 6834 and is in its original colour, Clipper Blue with biscuit trim. My friends think I'm regressing but I've always regarded the TC as one of the most elegant shapes ever to grace a chassis. I'm now a bit puzzled though as to how we ever survived those years of wild driving in these delightful but wayward and delicate devices!

The photos show my first TC in a circuit sprint and the second shot is TC6178 outside our house in Sydney.

John Hurst