MG TC built in 1948 for the Exportmarket Luxemburg. (km/h – Speedometer). After the the first owner „Baron de Schorlemer“ sold the car in 1950 a owner of a petrolstation drove the car till 1955. He storaged the car behind his garage and planed to restore ist when he´ll go pension. In the 1998 he died without starting this projekt. It was Jos Wantz at Petange/Lux. who saved the car before being a part of a scrapyard.

Jos restored and rebuilt the car for the next 10 years. After finishing nearly perfect he realized that he his not able to drive the car without any paine in his left leg, that was serious injured by an accident years before.

I bought the MG in May 2009, because it was a dream after owning a MGB and MGA, the last one i´m still owning and driving.

After finding the solutions for some probelems (steering, oil leaks, gearbox, electricity) i´m looking forward to driving this wonderfull car.

Johannes Kalt