TC/EXU 7440 as it is today. Not a pristine car but a good honest and faithful servant I have owned almost 40 years. Original upholstery and mostly original chrome.

The history for TC 7440 before I owned it I do not know. The car came from Oneonta N.Y. One person I talked with once said he recognized the car as one having been raced in the Connecticut area but he did not know any more about it.

The car had been wrecked once and and the frame badly bent. It was at least 3/4 inch diamoned and one of the front dumbirons was terribly mangled to the point I could not straighten it. I replaced the frame with one that came off a special that was built from a parts bin in Canada. Hence the frame has no number because it was a replacement part. I had to replace the right rear fender as it was badly mangled also and it was easier to get another. I still have the old one. Other than that the car has the original chrome except for the bumpers which I made. The EXU bumper in front was missing and the rear in the shape of an "3" The car had been fitted with a TF 1500 block sometime in it's life and I discovered this a few years ago when I broke a crankshaft.

The engine was rebuilt and bored .040. It has plenty of go now. This is not a 100 point car as I really don't have the time, money or desire to do that. I also have a daughter in college that is very expen$ive. The upholstery is original and is in quite good condition. Most of the wood is original but I did fit in a new side curtain compartment as the old one was gone. I fitted one or two other small pieces but most is original. I have no idea of the mileage on the car but over the years I have found some things really worn and others not. The car was painted when I first got it as it had several coats on it at that time. All paint was removed and we started over. The color is MG A tartan red and is still the paint put on probably 37 years ago. It shows if you get up close, there is no longer much luster.

I use it locally for events and enjoy it. I have a mechanic friend that does occasional work for me if I feel the job is a bit much for me to tackle but most of the work I try to do myself. As I said earlier next year at this date I will have owned the car 40 years. I have found the car very reliable it having failed me only five times in 40 years. Twice the problem was quickly rectified, once a tow home and then rectified and once a broken crank and a broken piston ring.

Clifford J. Lockrow