After riding and enjoying several Race and standard Healeyīs and a Proteus Jag C Type for nearly 20 years I started looking for that kind of car I always liked for its simplicity: the MG TC model. Due to the fact I always was in competition cars I wanted my T model slightly modified.

The luck was on my side when I found this TC which was already modified with an MGB engine, Ford box and cycle wings. It is in perfect mechanical condition, and nearly perfect all over. The pre-owner must have been a real perfectionst.

Unfortunately I couldntīt ask him anymore about details because when I bought the car from his son the person had already passed away. Beside my C- type this baby will get a good home. Luckywise I got the original engine, gearbox, fenders etc. with the car. So if the time comes then I dontīt know what to do, I can bring the car back to itīs origin. (By the way, the engine will be done this winter)

Juergen M. Osmer