I purchased TC2797 in April of 2005 from Cignature Classic Cars in Pennsylvania. That owner purchased it in 2000 from Alex Cameron. Alex owned the car since 1973. I don't know of any history prior to that date.

Alex treated the car to a full restoration in 1986 and it won first place in a Junior AACA category that year. The car has been mostly displayed since then, as it has seen less than 600 miles in the past 20 years!

At first, I noticed the car was very darty to drive and for very good reason! A front end inspection revealed a bent and backwards installed front axle. There were worn king pins, rubber bushings, leaky shocks, a bent tie rod and loose rod ends. Unfortunately, the "full" restoration did not seem to include any front end work. All this has been fixed and the car now tracks very well.

My plan is to install new tubes, Excelsior tyres and have the wheels trued this winter. I also need to address a leaky rear axle and wet brake shoes. My Yellow Labrador, Newman, loves to ride in the TC, especially with the windscreen folded!

John Pavone