Just a little background, I have had the car since 1964. I had restored a 1953 TD
and I swapped it for the TC with a good friend. Did a frame up restoration over
the next 6 years. I had access to a pattern shop at the time working for a
major industrial pump manufacture as a Mechanical Engineer and made all new body
wood parts. All work has been done by me and I love to do the mechanical work.

Most recent work was to redo the brakes. Rebuilt the wheel cylinders and the
master and replaced the brake fluid with silicone brake fluid. Also redid the
gas tank on my TC. The tank as been cleaned on the inside and “slushed”
which is a method to clean, acid etch and then coat the tank to provide a lining
to prevent corrosion and rust inside the tank. At the same time I decided to
give the tank a fresh paint job. Paint is British Racing Green Acrylic Lacquer
with metal prep, 3 coats of primer, 3 coats of color and 4 coats of Clearcoat.

Need new tires...the ones on the car were purchased from Moss Motors in about 15 Years old!  New ones are now considerably more expensive. anyone know a good supplier
for Dunlap 4.50 19 tires in the USA or a good alternative?

Jack Slaughter