A pre-demolition photo of TC7941 which I purchased a few months ago. The car needs a complete restoration and I am currently working on rebuilding the tub. Right now it is in pieces. Hopefully in a few years it will be running. The car was probably built in January 49. It was shipped from Malaysia to California in 1966 and has been in storage ever since.



Attached is a picture of the current state of TC7941 (April '98) and one of my daughter, Emily, and me. I have started with a rebuild of the tub. I'll send follow up pictures as the restoration progresses.

Jack Stehr

My wooded frame is completely new and I finished building it in the summer of '98. All of the wood had to be replaced. There were a few remaining pieces of original rotten ash, the rest were poor reproductions made of teak or mahogany. Craig Seabrook of The Whitworth Shop furnished the new wood. The pieces were of excellent quality, very accurate, and required only a minimum amount of trimming; I used the original metal panels as a template.


The front and rear quarter panels and rear wheel arches had significant rust and crude metal patches welded to them. They all needed replacement. Craig Seabrook was also able to supply these pieces of sheet metal. I finished skinning the frame in December '98. The scuttle top is original. I am now in the process of fitting the original doors (with new wood) to the tub. Next, I plan to start on the rolling chassis.