I recently aquired another TC. It is a 1949 TC number 9795 The engine is XPAG 10552. I am already a member of the Tabc group with TC 6301.

I attached a jpeg of 9795 which is the black car and one in the messy garage with 6301 the red car in pieces. Yes, I do need to clean up and get busy on 6301.






. . . and a bit of personal history:

My father purchased TC6301 from Gerald Woodley in December of 1955. Woodley was the second owner having purchased it from Dave Lee some time between 1949 and 1955. I remember dad saying that the car was used in the 1949 New York Auto Show, but have not run across any documentation of that to confirm. Interestingly enough the car had interior color fender welting, not body color. I know that correctly it should be body color, but neither owner had the fenders off it until dad did in 1957. I still have some scraps of the tan welting. Dad started a transmission repair in 1965 that snowballed into a full disassembly. Unfortunatly, George is still in pieces. Dad died in 1996. I have since started to organize things and am getting ready to start where he left off using TC9795 as a bit of an example. I appreciate all of the technical advice and information the group has had to share.

Jerry Stewart