This car was purchased in 1994 (on Mother's Day to my spouse's .... delight). After looking for a restorable TC (close enough to home and not outrageously priced) for over 25 years, I finally found one by accident while scanning the want ads in my local paper. It ended up residing in Sonoma, California, not 20 miles from my home.

It was found in an open barn, covered with bird droppings. It has apparently been imported into the US in 1967 (according to what looks like the original CA plate), and then seemingly passed through 2 or three hands, each adding a bit more to the growing number of boxes of parts I ended up with. After fiddling with the car for two years in my garage (time being the primary thing in short supply), I decided to bite the bullet and get it into the hands of a professional. After much research and discussion I located Martin Hveem in Napa, California (Napa Valley Automobile Restoration). Martin took charge of the car and together we embarked on a three year restoration, the result of which you see in the picture. It was taken, appropriately enough, on Father's Day 1998 at a local "for fun" car show in Yountville CA. Yes, I do plan to drive the TC ALOT. I'm really looking forward to enjoying it after waiting so long.

Keith Langan