TC#1724 was 1st registered to Thomas P. Hingley in Middlesex, England on 11-22-46. It was delivered to its 1st owner in the traditional colors, Black with Red Interior. Lucky for me I was able to purchase the car's complete owner history before these became unavailable from England's MOT. The color was changed to White with Green by its 1962 English owner and was still that color at the time of my purchase. I purchased the car in 1972 from Octagon Sports Cars, Ltd for $1,800 as a "dependable driver" and had it shipped to Charleston, SC for an additional $450. On its 120 mile trip home my "dependable driver" broke a piston ring and used 7 quarts of oil over the last 50 miles. It spent the next 6 months at a local shop having its engine rebuilt. Over the next 5 years we drove the TC up and down the East coast to GOFs from Orlando to upper state New York. The car was totally restored in my garage in 1977 to its present condition and has been driven regularly ever since. It has always been a top down daily driver but as the speed limit has risen nationally, I must admit daily is somewhat risky. I am 65 and retired and plan to enjoy its company all the way to the funeral home. Safety Fast.

Lonnie Caughman