After months of sitting on jack stands, at approximately 6pm, yesterday evening, TC 2167 rolled out of the garage, down the driveway under its own power, and own the road for the first time in 25 years! The drive was 1.6 miles in duration without serious mechanical failure! The car was sans bonnett and with a 1 gallon red plastic gas can strapped to the left wing. The adult neighbors all seemed incredulous. The kids all stopped skate boarding and screamed WOW! It has taken approximately 12 hours for my idiotic grin to go away. I have never enjoyed a drive around the block so much in my life. There are of course still a million things to do (like maybe loosing the red gas can), but a milestone has been achieved, in great part thanks to the indispensable help from this list.

The steering was exceedingly stiff and made noises as though the steering gear box was dry. (This noise was not present when the car was on the jack stands). The car has what appears to be a Tompkins Steering Kit installed. I note the TC manual says to shoot GO 140 into the grease fitting on the original top plate. As the Tompkins Kit does not have that fitting, how does one go about lubricating the box? BTW, the steering wheel has approx 6" play before the pitman arm moves. I am guessing that this may be way excessive. (yes? no?) I can only imagine what that six inches would mean at 50mph.

Again, thanks to the many who have shared their expertise. It was a hell of a ride. Now, back to work!

Regards, Larry and Navigator Jody