1938 M.G. TA Midget; - chassis number TA 2200; engine number MPJG 2270

The painting was presented to me in 1999 as a gift from my employer for 25 years of continual service.

I purchased the MG in 1993 and totally restored it, putting it back on the road in 1997. Some interesting facts about the car are:- The running gear (engine and gearbox) was originally fitted to the 1938 works trials car "Porthos" which was campaigned by Jack Bastock in the "Musketeer" team. Unfortunately I do not know when the engine was transplanted into my car as no records of Porthos appear to remain after 1939. The unit was originally supercharged and it is my intention to eventually return it back to it's supercharged form. Other changes from standard are a Laystall counterbalanced crank, different profile cam, steel sump and a host of minor modifications.

The TA's last trip before it was taken off the road in 1968 (it remained unroadworthy until 1997) was to appear in an episode of "Crossroads", members in the UK will remember this as a pretty naff television soap program!

Since putting the car back on the road, I have attended the MG Car Club International Events at Switzerland (nearly! - the TA packed up on the French/Swiss border!), Denmark and Holland, the car has proved a particularly comfortable touring vehicle.

In 1968, when I reached the tender age of 18, I ran a TA as an everyday car, I sold it in 1971 and I'd love to know where it is now. The registration number was CKV 698, unfortunately I've no record of the chassis number but if anyone knows the whereabouts of this car please let me know, I've a few photographs from this period as well as a many fond memories!