TC9575 taken at this year’s (2008) Australian MG National Meeting in Tamworth

Leaving Tamworth


The start of a recently (autumn 2004) held Charity run. The second is also my TC although by now a very soggy TC after a huge rain storm swept over.

The exhaust manifold is a copy of the old "Sonic" brand of extractors (headers) that used to be made here in Australia. They are a brilliant design and work extremely well because they drop straight down. They not only improve engine breathing but also remove a lot of heat from the engine bay. I have had them Ceramic coated inside and out. This process improves gas flow, contains heat and looks good too! The silver finish is not affected by the heat of the pipes. I've also coated the intake manifold to match. The engine itself is bored out to 1388cc runs MGA SUs carburettors with Ramflo Air filters. The head has been gas flowed and opened right up. This combined with Hepolite Pistons, a steel billet crank and a fast road Camshaft means that it is a potent little beast. Also when the head work was done it was modified to accept Unleaded petrol.

Car also runs the obligatory Datsun Steering box and finned brake drums. For the rear end I tired of snapping halfshafts so had am MGA modified to fit. Now have the perfect touring ratio and it doesnot break!

Murray Arundell