I just picked up my 1936 MG TA as an unfinished restoration. It is in very good shape for its age and has a mjpg engine. I am not new to British cars having purchased my first, a 1957 Triumph TR3 (small mouth), with my brother. I was 13 and saved the money from delivering papers. At age 15 I sold out to my brother and bought a 1959 MGA. I drove it in high school and college. About 5 years ago, I was bitten again and purchased an unfinished 1950 MG TD restoration. It was basically a rolling chassis. I painted, assembled and put in a new interior. Succumbing to the desire for a MGB, I found a good deal on a 1965 "pull handle." This car has the original 5 main bearing engine which is rare for a pull handle. It also has optional overdrive and oil cooler.

Go to people.uis.edu/jduva1/personal/mg.html to see all the cars. This TA was evidently owned by an implement dealer in Minnesota for many years. He retired in Florida and the car moved to the Carolinas and then to Detroit. If anyone has any history on the car, please contact me.

Mike Duvall