"The MG is yours . . ."
No Kidding ! These word's I'll never forget. My first ride in a MG TC was in 1984 as my 18th birthday present during an exchange year in the U.S.A. It was my wish to take the car out in the Arizona winter to explore a drive in a real "oldtimer". Since then I could not forget the beautiness of that car.
Every time I got a chance to go back and visit my dearest host family in Phoenix, a ride in the TC was a necessity. But there was also another TC sleeping in the garage…After 17 years of dreaming and grown up enough to handle a British car, my hostfather David Lee Barnett made me the gift of my life: He restored his 2nd car and sent it to me to Switzerland. I know there are no words for a crazy thing like this, but thank you again dad! (He's on the list with his TC 6329).

Michael Lee Ingold