TC3586 was first sold by International Motors in Los Angeles, California in 1947. The first owner lived in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles. He died in 1956, and his widow left the car in the garage to sit. It didn't rust too badly, but almost none of the wood survived termites and dry rot. The neighborhood children played on it for years, taking their toll. After she died, the car changed hands twice with local collectors without it being restored. I bought the car in 2002 and executed a comprehensive restoration which was completed in July 2003. Green/green was its original color combination. I prefer "patina", therefore I generally leave well enough alone on my cars (cheaper that way too!), however TC3586 needed just about everything non-metallic, so it has been completely apart. I live six miles from work, so I usually drive TC3586 on a daily basis. People look at it, but don't seem to know what it is. One guy said to me "Hey! Nice MGA!" Harrrruuuumph... At least he got the marque right.

Martin Johnson