As best I can ascertain from documentation that came with the car and from research I have done, this car is Cecelia, M. G. TC 10219 manufactured on November 24, 1949. One of the documents that came with the car states it has a BMC factory replacement engine D 53718, however the chasis identification plate and the i.d. octagon tag on the engine state it has engine XPAG 10846. It survived in England until 1968 under license number DFV 916 and the last owner there was Dr. William Carter. It was first registered in the USA in 1969 by Hank Rippert (of New England M.G. T Register fame) who began restoration. It was subsequently owned by Rick Rader, Les Polgar, Sam Goldstein, and Joe Rondinone of Connecticut.

Joe did a total restoration including a new body tub completing it in 1990. We purchased the car in May of 2002 while living in Connecticut from F-40 Motorsports in Portland, CT, on consignment from Joe's estate after his untimely death. We moved to New Mexico in 2006 and are enjoying the milder climate, but missing the fine New England roads. (The above picture also appeared in the TSO, Vol. 41, #6, December 2003, P. 24.)

If anyone can shed more light on the history of this car, we would greatly appreciate hearing from them, as we are just maintainers of these fine automobiles for a relatively short period of time.

Marion Moll