This one was one of four imported new (not officially) TCs into Japan.
One of US occupantion army Generals brought an EXU model to Japan. He
probably crashed badly the car, then the car was repaired by using many TD
spares -- it looked awful at that time, I guess.

Then it was handed over to Mr. Fujii in late 50's or early 60's. Mr.Fujii is
well-known vehicle restorer, and he tried to return it to original TC shape.
Not 100% successful due to lack of spares. At that time the body colour was

Mr. Takayanagi purchased it from Mr.Fujii, but he does not use so often. At
that time an unique steel hardtop was on the car.
Around 1986, Mr. Takeuchi purchased from Mr.Takayanagi. He painted it to
brown and restored interior. Mr. Hiro Nishio was in charge of mechanical matters during
Takeuchi's ownership. Mr. Hiro Nishio is one of the greatest MG specialist in

Mr. Takeuchi sold it to me last year, and I restored some details and
returned it to perfect TC original shape except instrument panel -- I prefer
wood finish as many people do. Surprisingly, the engine was rebuilt by Mr.Fujii 40 years ago and I assume it have done more than 100,000 miles, but still it pulls very strongly (I
tried 140 km/h!). The crankshaft balance is tremendous and it can rev even
less than 100 rpm. We can touch each fan blade! Incrediblly smooth. One of
the treasure in Japan.

Manabu Nishikawa