TA 2335 was one of 11 TA and TB's imported to the US prior to WWII. It was built to racing specifications for Dan Hamilton, who raced it in the 1938 and 1939 ARCA seasons. The car is nearly identical to fellow TABC member Dick Little's '37 TA, in fact the cars raced against each other numerous times (both cars are featured in a painting by Robert Gillespie racing at Alexandria Bay in 1938) . When I acquired the car two years ago it's history was unknown but Dick speculated that it may be the Hamilton car. I submitted the chassis number, TA 2335, to Joel Finn, author of "American Road Racing, the 1930's", the definitive work on pre war American sports car racing, but Finn said the numbers did not match. Later, a friend said that ARCA cars were registered by their motor numbers and MRJG 2580 was submitted to Mr. Finn and it was indeed the former Hamilton car! Since then the car has been reunited with Dick's TA at two hillclimbs in including the 100th anniversary of the "Mt. Washington Climb to the Clouds" in which Hamilton competed in 1938.

Mark O´Day