We purchased the TC in December 2003 from a deceased estate. The previous owner had purchased it in 1974 but had apparently not used it for the last 20 odd years. It had been sold new in Australia before being imported to New Zealand in 1964. It appears to have been used for racing there as it was fitted with finned brake drums and telescopic dampers and the battery had been relocated behind the left side seat. There is also plenty of evidence of lock-wiring of various nuts and bolts. Since purchasing the TC we have repainted it and fitted an all new interior, hood and side-screens. I have also overhauled the wheels and front suspension and replace virtually all the rubber components as well as much of the brightwork. As far as we can tell the TC was probably RED originally but had been fully stripped and repainted BRG when it was first imported to NZ. We liked the BRG so elected to repaint it in the same colour but chose to replace the very tired and unoriginal red interior with Green (purchased from Moss Europe). We re did the original dash with walnut veneer because we didnít want a green vinyl dash. We are now enjoying TC style motoring!

Maurice J Paton