The previous owner had done a complete frame up restoration

Seen here with it's 'stable mate' my 1976 Mini.



My MGTC # 6944, engine XPAG 8964

There is nothing unusual about how I acquired this car, it was not a "barn find", more like an "e-bay find". But first, a little about myself:

I was born and raised in the UK and have owned several British cars, Morris, Singer, Hillman and Sunbeam. I also owned an MGTD the same time as my Sunbeam Stiletto but both were sold shortly after I got married in 1974. My darling bride promised that I could have another MG when finances and circumstances were more favourable. In 1991 we moved to Canada with our three young sons, no sign of ever owning another MG seemed in sight! It was not until my father passed away and I came into a small inheritance that I could start seriously looking for a replacement MG.

My job as a Ships Captain takes me away for several months at a time but thanks to modern technology we have internet so I started browsing several sites looking for my 'promised car'. By this time I was more interested in something a little older than a TD so set my target on finding a TC.

I saw this car on e-bay and told my wife about it. It was located in Toronto so no import tax would be due, or so I thought! Since I was away and being kept busy on the ship I had no idea that my wife was bidding for the car. The bidding did not reach its asking price but by this time she knew where the car was and made a private offer. The plan was to have the car in the garage when I returned home. Unfortunately this did not happen as several snow storms delayed the shipment. The delay did however give me a chance to clear a space in the garage. The expense of owning a car is not limited to its purchase and maintenance. The previous owner had done a complete frame up restoration Now came the big surprise when my wife registered it for me, she was informed we had to pay an import tax for taking a car from one Province to another within Canada!! Having settled those finances, I had to buy a shed to relocate all the accumulated stuff from the garage. Then realized the garage needed a coat of paint and let's put in more lighting. And oh, while we're at it, some heating as well!

I must confess I was never too keen on the previous owners' choice of colours but I am getting used to the two tone green.

As at this time (winter 2007 - 2008) I am having some major work done to make sure the engine keeps running another 50 years, I will also remove the two fog lamps and will have to locate a horn and spot lamp to restore the overall appearance to original. Another fix required is the radiator shell; it was buckled after being kicked by a horse in a movie!!

  Malcolm Scanlan