MG TC 1946 TC 1310 XPAG 7822 UK registration WSY 169 -- August 1998
Volvo Red with Black Rexene seating and dash board.

I bought this in August 1998 as a rolling completion/restoration project. I believe it came back from South Africa in 1990. A small amount of history from that date was with the car, but I would like to know if it was Exported direct to SA in 1946 or did it run the UK and was then shipped to SA at a later date.

I have made contact with Barc Cunningham in Canada who has TC 1315 (made on the same day 3rd September 1946) his car was registered in the UK as a Police Car and then shipped to Canada, but alas inquiry's to establish if TC1310 was in the same batch has proved other wise.

This Winter has seen me undertake a fair amount of work on the car, with a great deal more to do, but Spring is nearly here in the UK and I intend to run her this Summer to various events and enjoy the MGTC experience again after 30 plus years.

March 1999 -- ready for the season, having just completed a Side Screen and Hood rebuild, so if the English Summers are up their usual standards I can at least get home reasonably dry!!

Martyn Thompson