TC 3084 is an all matching number July 1947 car, rebuilt in 1982-4, since when it seems to have done just over 4600 miles. I acquired it via Barry Walker at the end of 2001 and intend to make rather more intensive use of it, as does my 2 year old grandson Sam to whom I am now "Grandad red car no top".
I teach Chemical Engineering in the University of Birmingham, England, supposedly part-time now, but it doesn't seem like it! This is my third MG. The first, the one I learnt to drive on, was a 1932 M type; the second was a 1970 1300 mk 2, mechanically an excellent car with virtually full Cooper S engine, but bodily distinctly porous by 6 years old !
I hope this is helpful. Thank you for all your efforts on the MG-TABC site. I have alrady made contact with two local TC owners through it - it's good to know also that directional instability (of the car that is !!) is not just one's own problem.

Nick Emery