1948 MGTC s/n 4924 Color will be red with tan interior. Yes, I was looking up to a higher power the day I brought the car home -- my wife was on our deck!!
I purchased this car in 1994 as one can tell from the pictures it was mostly in pieces. It had been disassembled in 1958, so needless to say a few parts (or boxes of parts) had been lost in one of the five moves the car made after it was taken apart. I started a three year project of finding parts and restoration of components, most of the component restoration was completed by the end of 1997. Assembly of the car was started in early 1998 and my hope is to drive it yet this year. If anyone of you are in Michigan please stop in I am located 5 min. off of I - 94 about 15 miles west of Ann Arbor in Chelsea Michigan. I would welcome everyone's experience and advice plus you may have some of the parts which are on my missing list (just kidding!) There is always either hot coffee or cold beer near my shop, depending on the proximity to 12 noon!!

Norm Wetzel