Nigel Dale


This is TC9896 EXU which I purchased early 2013 when it arrived back in the UK from the US. I know little about the car's history as the file has been lost - what little I do know has come from tracking down the previous owner in Rhode Island, who tells me he did a fair amount of restoration work.

The car retains some of the "EXU" spec, ie twin SU fuel pumps, temperature gauge & direction indicators, but the bumpers (I'm a brit!) are missing, and the foglamp / horn is as per UK spec. It does come with added "bling"; chrome wire wheels and chrome radiator slats! I originally planned to replace the wheels and repaint the radiator slats the same colour as the tan interior, but I've got used to them now so it may stay as per the photo.

The car shines up well in the photo, but in reality needs some cosmetic work including a full re-spray.