History: Bought new in Trinidad by (then) Major Robert Bohan USAF. Car had an 'engine turned' aluminum dash covering installed before sale. Also one of the BEST REAR TURN SIGNAL SYSTEMS I have seen: The front running lights, mounted on the sides of the gas tank panels. Looks like MG should have done it that way to start with. LTC Bohan and car transferred to Panama Canal Zone in early fifties. Later Col Bohan moved to the Air War College at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL. Car was then sold in 1955 to Richard Arthur of Fayette Alabama. Richard used the car rarely, accumulating less than 40,000 miles. I bought the car in August 1979. Weak brakes smoking electrics, no lights, 4" slop in steering. I restored the car, painted it a deeper red. My car is not show,. I drive it 3-4 times a week. Therefore, I have added several modifications to make it more enjoyable in modern traffic. I changed the TC oil gauge for a TD water temp and oil split gauge. I added the 'coffin' style valve cover, and cast aluminum finned tappet cover, an 'Oogah' horn from JC Whitney (I know, but I like it). I added a Brooklands Steering wheel, and a heater system. Recently after being stopped for weak tail and brake lights. (I explained to the officer that they were burning as bright and hard as they could), I added a third brake light, as on modern cars. The light is a simple trailer light, mounted between the spare wheel and gas tank. It does not show in the daytime, only when I use the brakes at night. This has not spoiled the look of the car, and still allows a safe rear brake light.(Safety Fast). I have driven the car from Birmingham to Biloxi, Ft Walton FL, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Ft.Benning, Eufaula, and numerous short trips to Montgomery, Jasper etc. In Alabama, the antique car tags are sold for $25 for a lifetime number. I managed to talk the state licensing people into giving me tag #9912, to match the chassis number. Radiator slats came silver, I like it. Interior came black, I stayed with black. Hood not original, but is the same top as when I bought the car. I rarely put the 'hood up' When asked, "What do you do when it rains, my answer is "Get wet." I have much fun when people say, "Look, the steering wheel is on the wrong side! I reply, "No, it is on the Right side." I recently added the 'Tompkins' steering box modifications. car drives very well, only 1/2" play in steering now. I enjoy showing off too, hand cranking it for kids. I have complete MG tie, cufflinks, knickers, English cap, suede vest and jacket to fit period costume.

Paul T. Huck Jr.