TC5168 was abandoned and parked in a field without engine. I was studying at the University of Michigan, and put the dash board under my bed in 1974. Moss Motor's catalog was only about 16 pages then, but I restored the dashboard to work with my hands. I finally found the original engine about 150 miles away. Then I obtained legal possession of the TC. It has a dealer plate on the scuttle from Fergus Motors, New York City, stamped with number 12596 (help with using this information would be appreciated). Garage space was a problem at our first house, but started restoration anyway. Built large garage at second (present) house, and finished the restoration of our TC in 1992. It has about 6000 problem free miles on it now, and I usually have to slow down for the TDs and TFs when caravaning. Wife bought a B-GT to bring the luggage on week-long trips. I installed a Datsun steering column last year. Now she asks to drive our TC. We also have an E-Type, two Giuliettas, and a Maserati.