We bought the TC in 1974 with the engine in a basket with the intent to assemble the engine and sell the car for a nice profit. It was a year before I got the engine together and the car on the road. Drove it for six years before undertaking the cosmetic work in 1981. One of the early highlights was the trip I took with Al Moss to the Gathering Of the Faithful in Killington, Vermont before the restoration. We drove some 6000 miles in two weeks. Since then we have driven it on five or six long trips to the northwest - Washington and Canada - as well as a great number of shorter local trips. We enjoy travelling in it and it has been very reliable. The engine is near stage three with 9.25:1 compression ratio, large valves and +0.060" bore. With 4.875:1 TA rear axle ratio and oversize tires, it moves quite comfortably on the Los Angeles freeways.

It is a typical "Hollywood" TC with many locally produced accessories such as the Harley Davidson bumpers and Chevy taillights with blue dot inserts. Needless to say, it became a member of the family and is not for sale.

The NE we bought a couple of years earlier - 1972. I did drive it home, but it was not running very well. It further deteriorated and sat until the kids were thru college, married and out of the house. It did get fully restored in 1993 and I have been racing it at events like the Monterey Historics. The attached photo was tcken at the Moss Motors All British Extravaganza at Buttonwillow this last year. The lady standing behind me is my wife, Fran.