TC-0480 was purchased in February 1985 and since that time, barring sickness or ill health, has been my only source of transportation and a daily driver. The only concessions from its original configuration are the cycle wings (1932 J-2), bucket seats (Collingburn J-4), Australian steering box (John Bowles). Aluminium brake drums (Bob Grunau) and a pair of home made stop lamp - turn signal units high on the back, either side of the tank. The added illumination is necessary for daily driving in Miami. The steering gear is absolutely brilliant and I would recommend it for any one who drives a TC more that three miles a year.

In seventeen plus years of motoring I have gone through three half shafts, a control box, one coil, one clutch, one dynamo, one starter motor, two water pumps, and survived one hit and run which prompted me to make the cycle wing - cream crackers conversion.

Peter Zorn