TA 0514 is one of the earliest MG TAís, having been manufactured in September 1936. It still retains what I believe to be itís original engine, which gives very good performance (at least equal to the brakes and the steering!).

I bought the car about 5 years ago and it was mostly in good condition, needing only a small amount of tidying. The main problems were bad oil leaks from the rocker and tappet covers (fairly easy to cure) and most of the electrics didnít work (I connected them up then re-wired the car later). I also made a new wooden dash (out of a sheet of plywood bought from a hardware store!) which was a much easier job than I thought it would be, and I fitted new weather equipment, hood, sidescreens and tonneau, which was much more difficult than I thought I would be!

The car has successfully completed several classic car runs in the UK (including the MGCC Kimber run and the Octagon Club Wings run) and was shown on the MG Octagon club stand at the NEC Classic Car Show one year.

The car is used solely for pleasure and has been on holiday to Guernsey in the Channel Islands twice, where it's small size is ideal for the narrow roads and the good luggage capacity (with luggage rack) makes it very suitable for a holiday there.

Richard Curren