TC8330/EXU against the background of the Norwalk Islands in Long Island Sound, USA, Spring 2009, shortly after her 60th birthday.

I bought the car from the Nachtigal family in West Orange NJ in 2003. Walter Nachtigal had bought it in 1979 and it passed to his son when he died. The car was red/beige when it left the factory in March 1949. We have no other ownership or service history of the car - except that we found an old Connecticut registration stub in one of the doors, from which we know that it belonged to Edmund Strauchen (ex-USAF and retired air line pilot) in Weston, CT, in 1972. By that time it was yellow with black upholstery and top, and may have lost its obvious EXU features. Strauchen died in January 2003 ,when the plane he was flying - a 1983 Russian YAK 52 - crashed near the Heber Valley Airport in Heber, Utah. It was in basic sound condition with spray can paint, but needed a new clutch, electrical accessories, wiring, etc.. All our present attention goes into the basics, and not the cosmetics, but one day - when I have more time - we will get to those too.

Robin Montgomery