TC 3737

TC 3738


I had been looking for the last 20 years or so for one of the ten TCs built on the day I was born. I had pretty well given up and started restoring a TD, which should be finished this spring. Then TC3737 built on October 7, 1947 showed up on eBay in December 2007. After several discussions with the seller it was clear that the car was indeed TC 3737 and had the proper motor and all number matched – so I bought the car. It arrived in my house in upstate NY 9:00 at night right after a snow storm with the temperatures at around 4 degrees. Despite the car having no choke we got it started and I drove it up my driveway and tucked in into my shop. TC 3737 is in my garage the carburetor and gauges are being sent out for rebuilding and I am repairing some of the wiring. I think it will then be ready for the summer. It is in for a re-paint next winter after I get all the running gear sorted out. I found the second owner of he car who saved it from oblivion in 1966 and restored it to its current condition. It was a California car, though I bought it from a fellow in Pennsylvania, and has all the original wood and metal with no rust or rot at all.

A week later TC 3738 showed up on eBay. I was a bit thunderstruck. What are the chances that two of the ten cars built on my birthday would show up on eBay within a couple of weeks of each other? Long story short, I also bought TC 3738. My son and I drove from his house in Phoenix and picked up TD 3738 in Palm Springs, CA. We got it back and got it started and took a trip around the block. This proved to be difficult task as the carburetor was way out of adjustment and had the controls improperly installed (the choke and starter cables were tied together – figure that one out! – and there was no cold running cable), the steering wandered and it would not stay in second gear. The car is currently tucked in my son’s garage awaiting enclosed transport to the frozen north where I live. The former owner of this car spent a great deal of money on a terrific paint job, beautiful interior and lots of new parts. Unfortunately, the mechanics working on it did not take a great deal of care in the work performed under the hood. The wiring harness pops out of the firewall just over the bell housing and is just sitting in a bundle on top of the transmission. This car is in for a new wiring harness, carburetor rebuild, steering rehab, and transmission before the spring, and it will be ready to go.

As for condition I have to admit that TC 3838 has a better paint job than I do and less creases in the leather, but my steering and transmission are better and I think my wiring harness is in better shape. On the other hand, maybe I am identifying with my cars too much. I still can’t believe that I actually have these two cars. My garage has gone from predominantly spec Miata to MG T in one fell swoop.

Roger G. Morse