I purchased TA 1323 back in 1972 for £175. Originally registered in South Devon.  It was a runner, hand painted in red, but just needing king pins, and a new set came with it.  Once fitted she sailed through the MOT.  Following a cosmetic make over when she became green. I ran it regularly until 1979/80.  I laid it up in a barn which was far from waterproof hence the derelict condition it ended in.  I suppose really it was only fit for spares, but in view of the length of time I had owned it, I couldn’t face breaking it, and it  would also mean one less on the road.  Little of the original body however could be salvaged. A full and total re-build has commenced including new body & wings.  Fortunately I now have a partner who is willing to crawl under the car in places where I can’t get, helping to re-fit the engine and gearbox. We have also toured the country at shows and suppliers sourcing various parts. Further photos hopefully will show progress.

Richard Parry