Photos of TC2626 for the list: she was 60 years old on Monday 23. April 07. I am an englishman who lives in Bad Wildungen (North Hessia, Germany) with a german wife.

We got first German TÜV in Summer 2007, and for some months she had dual nationality.  However now the UK documents have all expired, but I have registered her in UK as "off-the-road" to preserve the original registration in case at some time in the future she may go back to the island.  Lower picture shows her at home in Bad Wildungen in the market place, on the day when a historic rally passed through.  Interesting to note that it was easier to get her approved in Germany than it was for my boat trailer, which had no papers on import, and therefore needed many forms filled in before it could happen.  The MG needed only a few technical details to be corrected (including oil leaks!)

Richard Salter