MG TC 1558 "Paddy"




I bought TC 1558 spring 99 here in germany. The TC is a very friendly car because you are always greeted by waving pedestrians and driving gets never boring. I christened him „Paddington“ according to the story of „Paddington Bear“ from Michael Bond. The car is in good conditions and I had no trouble except with the front axle. The front axle beam was installed in the wrong direction which resulted in a too low castor angle. After turning the axle beam 180°, the roadholding was improved immense and now it‘s a pleasure to drive.

Unfortunately I know not much about the history of the car. It was delivered on 10th of october 46 and was back in the factory on 25th for a new engine. The reason is not clear. It seems that it was designated for the english home market. It‘s definitely in germany since 89 but the time between is unknown.

If anybody has some more informations about the history of my car I would be pleased. The original colour was probably red. In 89 it was green with red brake drums and had 6x16 wheels. It still has a MMM diff.carrier with oil dip stick installed.

Rolf Schmidt