We have owned this TC twice, both times as basket cases. The last time started in 1978 when we took it in trade on a used BMW R75 motorcycle. It was taken in because my brother wanted a TC. This basket case was too much for him and he subsequently purchased one that was complete and running. It sat around our shop long after we sold the motorcycle business and finally started getting restored in 1988. It was finished in 1989 and has been running and driven well ever since. We took it to England on the original GRAB tour in 1992 then to New England on the GRANE tour in 1994 and then back to England for GRAB '98 this year.
This is just a very short history of this car as it actually goes way back to the 60's when it was first purchased
The Photo was taken in May '98 at Lands End, England, during our GRAB tour.

Ron Simon