Prior to being married (some 44 years ago), we lived in the country and with my now wife living some 150 miles away, the TC we had as our only car did many miles during our courtship. Due to family commitments, the TC went and was replaced by a family car suitable to carry children and all the necessary things that go with them. Some three years ago, I located TC9800 in a dismantled state. The previous owner totally dismantled the car some 25 years previously as you can from the photo's. After purchasing the car, it took some six trailer loads to bring it to my home.

Fortunately as I was able to pack up the car, virtually all components were there plus some new parts. The rebuild was undertaken by me with the assistance of an excellent panel beater/painter.

The engine was a lot worse than I had thought, so it was totally rebuilt to some 1375cc, TF cam grind, Chev rear main seal conversion,datsun valves etc. Have only travelled minimal miles to date but very happy with its performance. Whilst I have the original 19" wheels, I have elected to use 16" which definitely improve the ride and handling.

Whilst it is still early days, I am happy with the end result of my efforts and have returned another TC to active duty.

Ron Spencer