TC4284 although built in December 1947 was not landed in Australia until 29/4/1948. It was then delivered to dealer "Roberts Cessnock "on 20/8/48, and sold to a Bill Myers and ,who I met after many years of tracking down, and he informed me that he kept the car for 12 months before trading it in on a MGY saloon.the next owner was Moss Williamson, the original registration was AY 360. I have a photo of the car when It was new.

History of the car is vague after Williamson.until it was rescued from a wrecking yard in 1968. I obtained the car on 12 October 1968 .towed it home and commenced an 18 month rebuild. I then drove the car for some 25 years competing at many Natoinal Meetings and was awarded the New Zealand Plate in 1977 and 1985.

The car was taken off the road in 1995 as it was getting very tired and had to wait until I had the time to again restore it. For the last 2 years I have spent all my time down in the garage working on the beast and it was reregistered on April Fools Day. I have to find another project now

Ross Taylor, Tea Gardens ( somewhere on the Australian east coast) N.S.W. Australia