TC 8192

TC 6819



After almost two decades of puttering with the restoration of my basket-case (TC 6819), I began to look for a car in one piece that I could enjoy while the restoration continues.  I felt this was the only way to be certain that I could drive a TC before my joints get too stiff to allow squeezing myself behind the wheel of one.  When Bud Silvers offered the T-ABC group his TC, which was a veteran of several climbs to the top of Pike's Peak, I decided it was the car I needed - a solid driver that was good looking, but not too pretty to get dirty.  It's been a delight, although getting it has only compounded the problem of limited garage space that has delayed the restoration of TC 6819.  Oh well, life is short!

The first photo shows TC 8192 soon after I acquired it in spring of 2009.  The second photo is of the "horrible pile of junk," as a fellow T-ABCer aptly described it, that is TC 6819 as it was purchased.  It is still in about that many pieces, but many of the subassemblies are now fully restored.  There is hope.

Russ Wilson