Here is my bio on the car as well as some pitures of the car being restored and the finished product, My father bought the car in 1952 in the San Francisco Bay Area. He drove it to work and used it as the family car for many years. Then the kids came and mom said the MG won't due any more, we need another car. The MG got put into the back of the garage and was only taken out on the weekends. When I got my drivers license (1970) my father let me drive the TC. After driving it for a short while the rear end blew up,dad wasn't much on maintenance and let the rear end run out of oil. I rebuilt the rear end and have kept it running ever since. A year ago I had the British Car Company in Corte Madera do some fixing as well as have it painted. Iíve always wanted to get it cleaned up and running well and now it is!

Steve Berger