MG-TC 3392 exterior Black, interior Beige, engine XPAG 3628 was produced in August 1947. (photo 1)

At the end of 1974 I found this TC in a small village in West Germany close to the border. The car was in a very poor state and a lot of parts were missing (photo 2). I imported this car into the Netherlands and started up the restoration of it. In this period of time it was not easy to find new spare parts for the body, so I made it completely on my own, Including all the wood - and panel work. The total restoration of the car took me five years. After the restoration I frequently used the car during club meetings, classical car events and shows. At it first big motor show in Essen (D) some visitors made me a good offer for selling the car. Now I am happy that I never accepted their money, because the fun and friendship you experience with this type of car is overwhelming. (It never works out the same with a new Porsche)

My MG-TC won a lot of International Restoration Concourses, Jane Kimber Cook, the daughter from the founder of the MG Car Company Cecil Kimber, personally handed over one of the prizes to me. She was in Holland together with the famous old number 1 car during an international MC Car Club Event. This was a great opportunity to take a picture together with this famous car (Photo 3).

The past few years I have made some technical changes on my car in order to make it more reliable and easier to drive. Working on my TC is still a substantial part of my hobby. After a crown and pinion crash during the big Octagon tour in 2000. I overhauled the back axle completely with another type of crown and pinion in order to bring the revs down. During the winter period of 2003 I took out the engine again to overhaul it completely on a stage 3 level. At the moment it runs with a higher compression, bigger lead free (TF) valves, improved profile camshaft, lighter flywheel and 1 " SU carburettors.

This latest job works out very fine; the TC is now able to join modern traffic without any problem. It runs 120 Km/h. on 4000 revs. So it is even more fun driving now than in the past.

With Octagonal greetings.
Stanley Daamen

(Photo 4 shows a diarama Stanley works out with great enthusiasm and patience -- Walter)